Classroom News

                                     During our First Semester 

In Reading we will do Super Kids daily.  Students will learn letters and sounds and apply phonetic principles to read new words.  They will practice handwriting (first and last name), writing capital and lowercase letters as well as numbers 1-20.  Students will also understand how print is organized and read.  They will also begin to match voice with print. Students will begin to write  for a variety of purposes.  They will draw pictures and/or use letters and phonetically spelled words to write about experiences.

Students will be immersed in a print-rich environment.  They will learn the concepts of print, basic phonetic principles, comprehension of stories, and letter identification skill through direct instruction, individual and small group activities, time spent exploring and reading books and other print material.  Students will understand that letters represent sounds, and identify beginning and ending sounds.  They will also learn to comprehend and relate stories through drama, retelling, drawing, and their own writing. Students will begin to build a connection between oral and written language and an awareness that spoken language can be written and written language can be read as a fundamental concept in communicating ideas. Their  writing will reflect the students’ oral language.  Students will communication their ideas through drawings, scribbles, letter strings, letter approximations, and dictation to adults, which will lead into journaling and computer generated final copies.

In Math, students will practice counting to 100, write numbers, and apply one-to-one correspondence when counting objects. Students will learn to problem solve.

Social Studies and Science will be based on themes which will as weekly units.



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