About Us


Boonsboro School was originally a three-room building erected in 1921, which served as a high school and elementary school. It was destroyed by fire in 1931. In 1932, a brick building was constructed on the site, and the school continued to serve as a high school. In 1934, a frame building was added to house the elementary grades and a cafeteria. The gymnasium was built in 1937; the library and a heating system were added in 1939.

In 1966, Boonsboro High School was discontinued and all high school students attended Liberty High School near the city of Bedford. Boonsboro High School then became known as Boonsboro Elementary School.

The school was renovated in 1968, at which time the frame building was torn down, and the new primary building and cafeteria were added. In 1972, the Parent-Teacher Association paved the primary playground and built a fence around the area. They also paved a section on the athletic field for the upper elementary grades.

Due to annexation in 1976 by the city of Lynchburg, the attendance zone of Boonsboro Elementary School changed to include all state routes east of No Business Mountain from Route 501 on its northern border up to the city limits of Lynchburg.

The school was again renovated in 1990-91 at which time a cafetorium, an administrative suite and two classrooms were added. The renovation also created another six classrooms and a new library. In 1993, two more classrooms were added.

In 1982, alumni from the 1932 graduating class of Boonsboro High School presented a plaque to the school and a time capsule was sealed and buried. During the 1996-97 school year each grade level celebrated the 75th anniversary of Boonsboro School by researching specific decades of history of the school and our world; their findings were then presented to the student body throughout the school year with a Heritage Day celebration at the end of the school year.

Boonsboro Elementary School has a proud heritage of strong community involvement in the educational programs of the school. The best interest of the students has remained a preeminent focus of all persons connected with the school.