Gifted Education


Every 2nd grader in Bedford County Public Schools (BCPS) is tested for gifted eligibility in the late winter/early spring of the school year.  In addition, written requests can be made to test students in other grade levels during the same late winter/early spring testing window.  Please get in touch with your child's school's Guidance Counselor or Gifted Resource Teacher early in December to make that request in writing.

Students are administered an ability and achievement test:  the CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) and the ITBS (Iowa Test of Basic Skills).  These are nationally normed standardized tests.  Students who score within the gifted range move on in the eligibility process.  Teachers and parents are then asked to complete scales for identifying gifted students and students may need to produce additional evidence of gifted level ability, achievement, and performance.

Once all of the data has been collected, eligibility for gifted services can be determined.


Elementary gifted services vary by school, but all have in common, the opportunity for gifted students to be challenged and engaged.  Students work on a variety of projects covering a wide range of topics under the direction of a Gifted Specialist.  Gifted enrichment services are offered both online and in-person.  Gifted students are invited to join their TAG Enrichment class on Canvas where they can access a variety of enrichment resources and activities.

Local Plan for the Gifted

For BCPS's plan for the Gifted education program, please click here.

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