Grading Policy

Report Card Grading Scale

Bedford County Policy requires that a student's final grade for each quarter be determined by the combined scores from formative assessmentssummative assessments, and homework.
The formative part of the grade comes from the scores the student received on daily classwork, and accounts for 30% of the final grade. The summative part accounts for 60% of the final grade, and comes from the student's performance on unit tests, quizzes, and projects. The remaining 10% of the final grade reflects the quality/quantity of homework completed by the student.

Bedford County Grading Scale:

Below 60=F


Students are assessed daily through use of formal and informal assessments.  Please review each paper in your child's Wednesday folder to check their progress and read suggestions from Mrs. Rickert.
 Assessments will usually receive grades based on the number of questions on the test or as a percentage of 100.