Counseling Services

Bedford County Public Schools considers counseling services essential components of our school programs, available to all students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.  The counseling program at Boonsboro Elementary School is designed to support and enhance the schools’ instructional goals by providing social/emotional, academic, and career development which are all standards set in place by the American School Counseling Association. The components of this program will be implemented through individual counseling, small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, behavioral support, and other school wide initiatives. All students can benefit and learn from participation in the counseling activities offered at our school. Counseling referrals may be received from students, teachers, parents/ guardians, or peers.

Any and all students are eligible to receive individual or small group counseling based on needs that arise. I meet with students for a variety of reasons that include anger, grief, conflict, self-esteem, friendship, anxiety, family changes, etc. Students who would benefit the most from small group counseling are those who share concerns that are similar to others (i.e. changing families, grief and loss groups, social skills building, friendship, anger management, etc). In these groups the students will have the opportunity to share experiences with one another and to foster support
among their peers.

Counseling received in the school setting is designed to be short term, developmental, and preventative in nature. In the case that a teacher referral is made for student counseling, the parent will be contacted first for permission for these services to be given. If there is a concern that I believe requires extensive therapy or long-term counseling then I am happy to assist parents with referrals to outside counseling agencies. 

At BnES I:

  • Work with individual and small groups of students to help them resolve and cope constructively with problems and developmental concerns and to teach new skills through counseling.
  • Visit classrooms bi-monthly to teach developmental lessons designed to foster academic, career, and personal/social development.
  • Consult with teachers, parents, and community resources to aid them in helping students.
  • Coordinate referrals to outside agencies.
  • Chair the school's SCT Team
  • Am a member of the school's PBIS Team, RtI Team, Crisis and Safety team, and Truancy team.