Physical Education

Physical Education is offered two sessions per week for 40 minutes each session and is taught by a certified Physical Education professional. The classes are planned so that children can express themselves freely and develop muscle skills. The physical education program de-emphasizes competition and offers activities to enhance physical and aerobic conditioning. The purpose of the physical education program in the elementary school is to:

Improve students’ physical fitness.

Help students develop respect for their own minds and bodies.

Promote healthy attitudes toward exercise that will improve cardiovascular health and address unhealthy body mass measures.

A state sanctioned physical fitness testing program is administered beginning in grade four. The physical fitness test results provide each student with a personal fitness profile, educators with critical information for planning effective fitness programs, and serve as a school-community communication tool. Students are tested in four areas: abdominal strength, aerobic capacity, upper body strength, and flexibility.

"You are not fully Educated until you are Physically Educated"